President: Francesca Greenstreet, 4th Year Neuroscience. From London.

Hi, I'm Francesca and I'm excited to be President of UCLU Mountaineering Club this year! I started climbing at university and quickly got addicted to the sport and the to the brilliant people that make up this society. I both lead and boulder and love climbing outdoors and generally getting away from London. When I'm not climbing, I'm in the pub, library, or in a park enjoying the few rays of sun that we get in the UK. If you have any questions about the society, feel free to email me - or just say hi at the Castle!

Treasurer: Claude de Rijke-Thomas, 2nd year Physics. From Cornwall.

Haven’t you heard? I’m Claude, and I am this years’ treasurer. I have been climbing trees for as long as I can remember, but haven’t got onto rock until a couple of years ago, where I started bouldering the cliffs near my family home in Cornwall. Due to my height, my preferable style of climbing is big holds and big reaches. My other hobbies are playing piano, painting and archery. 

Climbing Meet Sec: Alexander Haddon, 3rd year Biomedical Science. From Surrey.

Hello, I’m Alexander and I’m looking forward to being your Meets Sec this year. I’ve been climbing for about 3 years and have loved every minute of it with the club from climbing in the castle to far off locations and the traditional Friday Brownswood. Other than climbing I enjoy scuba diving, free diving, running and reading. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the castle and feel free to ask me any questions.

Communications Sec: William Davis, 4th Year Geology. From Cornwall.

Heyo, I'm Will and I'll be your Communications Secretary for this year! I've been climbing for 5 years now, in places like Spain, France, Germany and UK. Apart from climbing I also enjoy a bit of mountaineering, sailing, but mostly getting into sketchy trad situations. As Comms Sec, I keep everyone up to date on what goes on in the club and let you know about any awesome trips and misadventures we might embark upon. I also take care of this lovely website made by Yaya.

Social Sec: Max Hipperson, 2nd Year Natural Sciences. From Norfolk.

Hi, I’m Max and I’m really excited to be the Social Sec this year. I've been climbing on and off for around five years now and pretty much all of my time climbing is spent bouldering. I'm looking forward to another year of mad dinos and ridiculous moves, not to mention all the fantastic falls that come with that. As Social Sec I'll be sorting out the pub nights, fancy meals, films, karaoke (if you dare) and everything else in between. There's always loads of events going on around UCL that are a fun time and I'll be letting everyone know about them (and hopefully seeing you guys there)! Pop over and say hi if you see me around, and feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions or suggestions.

Team Captain: Stephen Morgan, 4th Year Medicine. From Peterborough.

Ladies and Gents, my name is Stephen and I am the Team Captain for the new year. Me and my fellow compadre Señor Jacques will be keeping an eye out for potential climbers to compete with us at regional comps, particularly the London University Bouldering Events and BUCS. If your psyched to climb, whether its sport climbing or bouldering and interested in competing then do let us know. We’ll also be around to offer any advice on climbing progression, technique and training and hopefully integrate these into training sessions along the year. Both of us climb and train regularly at the Castle Climbing Centre and if you’ve got any questions about anything at all please feel free to ask ( ). Listen out for ¡Venga!, Amuerte! and "put the heel gooood" and it will most likely be one of us. Look forward to seeing you!

Vice Team Captain: Jamie Jacques, 3rd Year Spanish and Italian. From Manchester.

Hey!  I’m Jamie and I’m really excited to be your Vice Team Capt. for this year. I’ve been climbing for just under two years and have spent the past year ‘studying’ abroad in Barcelona and Rome. I’m super psyched on training for climbing and I certainly spend a lot of time at the climbing centre so if you see me around, feel free to come over and say hey!  Through UCLUMC, I’ve managed to climb at many different spots and be inspired by lots of amazing climbers so I’m already super excited for this year’s trips. This coming year, I will be helping to organise a team for the bouldering competitions as well as hold weekly training sessions and generally be part of a friendly environment in which everyone can have fun and improve. Much love!

PR/Media Secretary: Katie Findlay, 4th year Arts and Sciences. From Saint Albans.

Hiya! We only just invented this position, so bear with me… But I am READY with PLANS to properly step up the club’s media and marketing side this year! We’re (hopefully) going to secure some sweet sponsorship deals, get some cool stash in and set up a volunteering scheme, which I intend to tweet, Instagram and #share to the max. I am famous for being annoying on social media, taking too many photos and being the smallest person probably in the world ever, so um, keep an eye out for me around your ankles. I climb too, so that’s good.

Gear Sec: Adrienn Gyori, 5th Year Medicine. From Hungary.

Heyo! I’m gear sec for UCLUMC, so I make sure that you have all the right equipment for your climbing & mountaineering endeavours. This is my 8th year with the club, so essentially I’m a veteran still on active duty. Many initiations ago I got hooked on climbing, and have since been pursuing it in its various forms – bouldering, sport and trad. I love not only climbing itself, but also the company of a remarkably friendly group of people. When not climbing, I quite like fast bikes, winter sports in any form, and an unlimited supply of liquorice. If you ever find yourself facing life-altering decisions about choosing the right climbing shoes, getting a matching chalk-bag, or finding the best deal on a harness, give me a shout and we’ll work something out!