Regular Climbing Sessions

Where do you usually climb?

UCLUMC climb at the Castle Climbing Centre, about a 10 minute walk from Manor House tube station. The journey takes roughly 20-30 minutes from UCL

When do you usually climb?

Regular sessions during term time are Wednesday afternoons (1-5pm) and Friday evenings (6-10pm). Outside of these sessions, there is no set time. There will usually be club members at the Castle on most days of the week.

What types of climbing do you do?

Bouldering - Short problems on low walls and crash pads instead of ropes for protection.

Top-roping - Climbing using ropes attached to anchors on the top of the wall. Basic belaying experience required - see “Climbing experience” section.

Lead climbing (Leading) - A form of roped climbing where the climber ascends, periodically placing protection along the way. Does not require a pre-placed anchor at the top.

The types of climbing involved in the taster sessions are bouldering and top-roping. You will be taught how to do these safely by experienced members of the club.

I need/am looking for a climbing partner, what do I do?

The best place to organise a session is to join and post on the facebook group. Here, you can arrange a time and date to meet a climbing partner at the centre.
Alternatively, just come to the Castle around the ‘regular session’ times (see above) and ask around.

Does the club do any outdoor trips? How often? Where?

Yes, the club does two main climbing trips during term time:
The Fresher’s trip is a couple of weeks after the beginning of term around October/November. The usual destinations include Cheddar Gorge and Portland. This trip is always within the UK.

The Easter Trip takes place for one week during Easter break around March/April. Previous trips have been in El Chorro, Spain and Geyikbayiri, Turkey. This trip is usually somewhere warm and sunny.

Climbing Experience

I’ve never climbed before, is that okay?

UCLUMC welcomes all climbers, regardless of ability.

Can you teach me how to climb?

We offer a couple of taster sessions at the beginning of term during fresher’s fortnight.

Does the club do any organised teaching/taster/beginner sessions? (outside of freshers week)

There are no formal sessions outside of freshers week, however we are more than happy to show you how to climb and belay safely or to help you improve your skills at any point.
Arrange for one of our members to teach you via the facebook group or email.

If I’m an experienced climber, do I need supervision or to come to the taster sessions?

We would recommend coming along to get to know the society! Just let us know that you’ve climbed before and you can be registered as a roped climber when you get to the climbing centre. If you qualify for this, you won’t need supervision.

Can I give it a go before joining/purchasing membership?


What does membership involve?

See “Membership” section below


What clothes should I wear?

Non-restrictive clothing i.e. loose trousers/leggings and T-shirts/sport tops.
During the winter (or summer) bring a warm top, the centre can get cold.

Do I need to bring/buy any climbing gear?

No, not as a beginner.
The Castle shop has shoes, harnesses, belay devices etc. to rent for a small fee.
These are highly recommended.

Does the club have any gear we can borrow? e.g. Trad, Sport, Boulder Mats, ropes for indoors?

There are a limited amount of harnesses available to borrow and the club has a couple of ropes for indoor leading at the centre. These must temporarily be exchanged for your student card.
We will lend you necessary gear on our official trips. Lending of gear outside of these trips must be discussed with the Gear Secretary.

Should I bring my own gear?

Yes, having your own gear is always helpful. You will want to bring your own rope if you own one as we only have a couple to lend out.
If the gear is very old or you don’t know where it’s been, eg. you’re borrowing it from a parent or it’s been in a cupboard for years, it is best to get it checked out by a gear expert before use, as it may be unsafe.


I am an affiliate student, can I join?

Yes, head to the Bloomsbury Building, UCLU Clubs and Societies Desk.

Does club membership include gym entry/membership?

No, Castle Climbing Centre entry/membership is separate

How much does club membership cost?


Does joining the club get me any discounts for gym membership?

Unfortunately not, however the Castle does offer Student memberships

What does the membership involve?

Your membership fee goes towards admin costs, union fees, new gear, access to trips and events, discounts at Cotswolds, BMC membership and therefore discounted trip insurance.


Are there any social events I can attend?

The main, regular social events are:
- Weekly evenings at the local pub (The Brownswood) on Fridays after climbing.
- Sports Night on Wednesday at Phineas

Other events are organised by the Social Sec and will be communicated via the FB group and emails.

Is there a mailing list?

Yes, enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the homepage.

Can you remove me from the mailing list?

There is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every newsletter sent out.